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Yes, this has actually been in doubt for the last year.  Also, my boss almost-sorta apologized for last week when she told me I was supposed to be training a man 20 years older than me who can only just speak my language three hours after I met him (thanks for the prep time, boss).

I wanted to celebrate, but I had to cook, because I literally have cooked nothing but turkey burgers (and that only gave me 1/2 meal of leftovers) since getting back from a conference a week and a half ago.

So I put on Advent Children Complete and drank port while I cooked.  Celebrate!

The weird thing is, I think being slightly tipsy actually decreased my willingness to make up excuses for the nonsense in ACC. which meant it made on the whole less sense than normal.  And I am still angry that Rufus ends up explaining all of his plans and motivations without having anything to gain from it.  Rufus being a manipulative bastard in AC was the only reason I started liking him; while more definitely needs to be explained in the movie, Rufus should not be the one doing the explaining.  Or at least explain it to someone on his side.  Reno is the stupid-face for enough of the movie, just have him need an explanation at some point.  Anyway.

Love for Final Fantasy VII still intact.
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 Okay guys, please don’t hate me for the title alone.  I watched ThingsWithWings’s manpain video and read the meta for it a while ago, and the same sort of things pinged with me that have bothered me about many other feminist critiques:  I feel as though the critique brings out the gender issue more than the source material does, or justifies.  So manpain, for me, is not a problem: it’s a symptom of other problems, which are


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Okay, so I was a prime subject for bullying (not too pretty, smart, glasses, liked books and music and video games but not pizza or sports, grew up in the midwest) and I never was, in the way media shows it.  My theory for this is that bullying as media shows it does not exist? Contradict me on this if you like, people.  That’s not the point.  The point is that I am picturing the Bully who takes something you really like and holds it above your head laughing while you jump for it

That’s Merlin.  Whatever it is you like is the magic reveal.

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When I first entered fandom, I shipped Yuffentine.  Yep.  In my defense, I was a 12-year old girl at the time, so that was really not atypical.  Actual sociologists have written serious scholarly essays about why people ship what they do, so I’m not going to pretend to really understand why, but I have thought about it a bit.

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I wrote this flying back from Disney World this summer. Then I spent three months studying for my qualifying exam and passing it and slacking.  Now I will maybe be on my blog more?  I've got like three more posts written, so. 

I visited Disney World a lot, I think, when I was really young.  I’ve seen pictures, but I don’t remember a thing.  Then my family stopped vacationing there, until one New Years when I was in seventh grade.  That was when I discovered the World Showcase, and my family decided we loved it there. We visited every couple of years, until last year when we bought into the Disney Vacation Club, and now we go once or twice or three times a year.  Which changes some things.

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I recognize that I am OCD on some things. Honestly, it's a positive personality trait in most circumstances. For example - inability to leave things incomplete means I study well, generally. Cluttered counters make me twitchy? I have a clean house! However, in this case, maybe not so much.

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And now back to your regularly scheduled miserable worried studying.
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Guys, I made post too big for dreamwidth. I am not sure how that happened. This is the second part.

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I will write on here again with not!fic. Maybe tomorrow, because I have some happiness quotes. But for now, another commentary. This story is availabie by the same name on ao3 and fanfic.net.

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It's available on fanfic.net and AO3, but I figured since this is my blog I would put in some of the comments about it that I kinda want people to know. SO

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Okay guys, let's get this out of the way. SCIENCE FICTION IS NOT THE SAME AS FANTASY. I KNOW that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I KNOW that both are not proper genres because they deal with setting and not content. THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM THE SAME.

Okay, capslock ragey time is (mostly) over. Some day I will write a long and rage-filled post about how this has bugged me since I first discovered classification systems in libraries (a LONG TIME, people).

But NOW, the NPR 100 top/best/favorite Scifi (AND FANTASY AND SOME OTHER RANDOM CRAP) books.



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So I have this kinda weird fantasy involving airports. In it, for some reason there is doubt that I am who I say I am, and I am taken back to a back room where people ask me complicated questions about things the real Danchekker ought to know, and ask for names of references that they can go and find RIGHT NOW and check with that I am not actually a terrorist. I’m not actually found to be a terrorist, they let me go and apologize for the inconvenienct and say all my references do really think I’m a good person and I’ve probably missed my flight but that’s okay, they’ll put me up in a hotel for the night.

I did warn you it was weird. )
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I have a very considerate cat.  When he is hungry in the morning, he waits until my alarm has gone off and then licks noisily at the plastic trash can liner in the trash can next to my bed.  When he is hungry in the evening he purrs and rubs against the corner of the closet that contains his food.  When he sits in my lap he kneads at first, but only until I tip him over, and then he cuddles in, motionless except for purring.

All of these things fill me with rage.

Even when he is as polite as he can be, and far more polite than anyone could expect a cat to be, when he forces me to change my routine in the precious few hours a day I can actually do exactly what I want to and not what I should, I seriously resent him.

Please don't judge me.  I don't abuse my cat and I feed him whenever he's hungry (probably more than enough) and cuddle and play with him (not quite enough).  But I don't think an actual person would put up with the verbal abuse I dish out in friendly tones while I do these things.


Jun. 14th, 2011 09:05 pm
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I saw X-men First Class last week, and I only checked out fanfiction last night.  This is actually something that I am legitimately proud of, as an act of will, equivalent to not eating chocolate this evening (even though I had it at lunch time).  I thought up some pretty good reasons for liking the movie. I like the pseudo-historical setting, and there were some pretty hot guys, and I have this unfortunate growing love for tragedies.
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Today was a Bad Day for Science, and I still have to go get groceries.  But I know I like my job.  Here are three things I love about being a scientist.

1) Mixing transparent liquids of different densities.
Anyone who tells you this isn't beautiful is quite probably blind.

It's like gardening, but cleaner.  It brings order to chaos.

3) Knowing something before anyone else.
It's not the being alone, which isn't that awesome.  Science is about sharing knowledge.  It's knowing that we have pushed back the borders of the unknown, one tiny increment more.  It doesn't happen often, but it is worth EVERYTHING.

Also, three things I love.
1) When my cat purrs just because I am in the same room

2) Sunlight through tree leaves.

3)  Looking sexy in awesome dresses, even (and maybe particularly) when noone sees.
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The other week, I visited an almond orchard with a farm advisor.  The orchard had been pretty badly hit by bacterial blast (Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae), but still had a crop.  The farm advisor explained that growers generally fall into two categories, based on management strategy.  There are those that try to maximize yield, and those that try to minimize cost.  They end up having similar profit margins, and those that work to minimize cost are much more relaxed and easier to work with.  Doubtless his opinion is affected by their needing his advice much less.  Anyway, this has now become the latest in a series of metaphors for how I view my life.  I minimize costs.
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A while ago, I decided that having taste meant nothing more than cutting yourself off from enjoying large chunks of the world.  This, as you might imagine, was partly in reaction to some people who had, shall we say, an excess of taste, and the desire to share it with all and sundry.

More recently, I've realized that I am a total hypocrite. Read more... )
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I have made a decision!  I am not a sad person!

Like I said, this will in part be a place to unload sad stuff so I can continue to not be a sad person.  But it's also a reflection of me, so there will be happy stuff!  Like a video game review.  ish thing.

I think I am the only adult I know who plays and likes Kingdom Hearts.  And I've made my three best friends play it, so I do have a sample set.  There's just something...epic about it, that most people don't recognize or care about.  And then on the internet where people do care, they mostly want to write high school AUs about the villains.  But anyway, Birth By Sleep.

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I think I told a roommate once that with every day I was trading in potential for knowledge, and that most days it wasn't worth it.  Life's a little better since then, so maybe most days I think it's worth it, but I still feel the loss of the potential.  Even something as simple as designing the look of this page makes me wonder what I lose for each choice.

I blame high school economics.

Right now, this blog is nothing but possibility.  I've thought about trying to make an online network, and about posting random thoughts like this, and about posting fanfiction and original fiction.  Can I do them all, or do I have to pick, and will anything I pick be worth the choice?
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